Multiple Teams · The South Carolina High School League Adjusts Fall Post Season

The South Carolina High School League announced several adjustments to its fall sports calendar Tuesday, including new football, volleyball and tennis championship dates.

The changes come on the heels of the devastating flood that rocked much of the state, cancelling numerous school days and sporting events over the last two weeks.

An extra week has been added to the football, volleyball and girls tennis schedules to accomodate any make-up games that may be needed.

“I wish to sincerely thank our member schools for the long hours and hard work over the past two weeks while reviewing options,” said Jerome Singleton, SCHSL Commissioner. “Continued inclement weather created even more obstacles which prevented our regions from scheduling a feasible new schedule. Therefore, with the support of the Executive Committee, the 2015-16 fall sports season has a one week extension. ‘Grace under fire’ comes to mind when I read about our student athletes during this stressful time. They have performed a stellar amount of community service projects, going above and beyond expectations to assist their fellow South Carolinians. They are a shining example of sportsmanship, leadership and champions in their own right.”

The football state playoffs will now begin on Nov. 13 for all classes except Class 4-A. Postseason play starts on Nov. 20 for Class AAAA.

Football State championship dates have also been pushed back a week:
Class A – December 4
Class AA – December 5
Class AAA – December 12
Class AAAA – December 12

The volleyball state championship will now be on Nov. 14 at White Knoll High in Lexington. The last regular season contests will be held on Oct. 26 for Class A and Class AA and Oct. 27 for Class AAA and Class AAAA.

Volleyball playoff schedule will now change to:
Class AAAA – Oct. 29, Nov. 3, Nov. 5, Nov. 10
Class AAA – Oct. 29, Nov. 3, Nov. 5, Nov. 10
Class AA – Oct. 28, Nov. 2, Nov. 4, Nov. 10
Class A – Oct. 28, Nov 2., Nov. 4, Nov. 10

Finally, the girls tennis state finals will be held on November 14. Postseason play will begin on Oct. 28 for Class AAAA, Oct. 29 for Class AAA and Nov. 2 for AA.

Tennis playoff schedule:
Class AAAA — Oct. 28, Nov. 2, Nov. 4, Nov. 9
Class AAA – Oct. 29, Nov. 2, Nov. 4, Nov. 9
Class AA — Nov. 2, Nov. 4, Nov. 9

Entires for singles tournament deadline will now be Nov. 6. Singles seeding meeting will be held on November 9 at 9:30 a.m.The tournament will be held on Nov. 16-17.

Girls Golf, Cross Country and Competitive Cheer schedules will continue as normal.